SVN to GIT/GitHub Migration

A lot of development teams be it for any language, use a version control (VC) tool like SVN/GIT to track and manage their code. Version control allows an organization to manage changes to code over time. A version control tool allows an organization to not only track when a code change happened, but against what Bug/Issue the change happened. SVN or GIT can be easily integrated with Bugzilla/JIRA to allow tracking of code against the relevant issues. Features like SVN/GIT Hooks allow you to allow what can be checked in, what kind of commit message or prefixes can be enforced based on an organization’s requirements.

However, unfortunately, I see a lot of organizations using BY WMS or its legacy versions, but they, unfortunately, are not using a VC tool. Even though they may be tracking their issues manually by using Bugzilla or JIRA. I am a firm believer that all your source code and other relevant custom files should be tracked for the following reasons:

  1. A dev team is aware of when a change was made, who made it, and why.
  2. A code can change over time and dev teams should be aware of what change happened and why before changing any existing MOCA command or trigger so as to not break any existing functionality. This allows for a harmonious integration with existing code.
  3. If they’re looking at when a Rollout came in IT or PROD (which should not be Version Controlled). They can backtrack it to its relevant Bug/JIRA Issue.

But, what if you’ve been using Bugzilla/SVN over time and now want to switch to a premium solution (JIRA/Git or GitHub) as you scale up. How do we efficiently migrate each repository and its relevant issues from Bugzilla to Jira and code along with its history from SVN to Git/GitHub.

We at Smart IS, have an integrated solution for it that gives developers a much better experience from checking in objects to automating the process of a rollout (which if done manually, can be a nightmare). If you have any questions or would like to know more, please reach out to me.

SVN to Git Migration Logs




I am an experienced IT Consultant who has a knack to solve complex problems. Want to connect? Reach out to me on:

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Ali Ahmed

Ali Ahmed

I am an experienced IT Consultant who has a knack to solve complex problems. Want to connect? Reach out to me on:

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