JDA WMS — Tracing on Portal Server

We all know how to Trace commands, processes, and events using JDA SCE fat client or backend-client using Oracular MOCA Client or LextEdit. But how do we trace commands or processes using the thin client on Portal Server?

Press Ctrl + Shift + L and you will see a popup screen to enable trace. Here you can select what you want to trace. If you want to start the trace from here, click on the “Clear” button before you click on “Log to Server”.

Once you have done what you wanted to trace, Press Ctrl + Shift + L again and uncheck “Log to Server” to stop tracing. Here you can either download the log file or view it later from the server. If you don’t have an instance set up correctly, you may get the following popup.

Enable trace file downloads:

allowLogfileDownload flag

Let’s try to trace again. Now you should see the popup sign that asks if you want to download log files, click yes.

Click on Save to download the log file on your desktop.

Here you will see 3 log files, one for the client you access, one for portal server’s log file and the 3rd for WM’s log files.

and That’s it!